Incompetent Scammer is Ill Prepared

Scam Number: 888 890 3930
Domain Used:
Extra Info: My daughter sent me a copy of an email from “Norton” with an invoice for Norton Total Protection (hah hah) $470 but if I wanted to cancel the subscription and get reimbursed for the expenditure all I needed to do was call the number. I used Windows 11 in a Virtual Machine and clearly the scammer had never seen Windows 11. About all he could do was get the fake blue update screen up, but not much else. He said he lived in Columbus Ohio. Close to I-90 I asked? He said yes, but as we all know I-90 is close to Cleveland, nowhere near Columbus. Rank amateur, I almost felt sorry for him. He also gave me his direct number, something usually not done. I will pass it around. : 616 276 7415

Video Link: Incompetent Scammer is Ill Prepared - YouTube