Important Info About Posting

I’d like to take a moment to address a couple things:

First, several of you (you know who you are) are posting useless comments far too often in order to gain rep. This screws up the flow of the thread and makes it difficult to find useful information. If you want to chat about something not related to the thread then post it in a new topic, with the proper tags.

Second, I've seen several posts in the past 3 days that were of legitimate companies, it's almost like members are just searching "Tech Support" and posting the first number that comes up, that could also be users looking to gain rep. Just make sure that the company you post is illegitimate before posting it.

***In short, don't post a company without some tangible evidence. Stay on topic, stop posting random comments not directly related to the original post. General chit-chat should go in the General Discussion > Off Topic category*** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You may also want to read this : replace/d/1490-recent-occurrences

[“READ THIS!!”,“Important Info About Posting”]


And replace/d/2-rules.

Sorry for calling them on the live stream, they are legit companies.

The gentech thread is unusable on firefox (even with an i7 and 32GB ram)

Also, I recommend giving out short bans for posting legit phone numbers

Warnings should always come before suspensions. @memes#6837 Depending on the offense.