Impatient tech support scammers

Popup - hxxp://

number - 8444467440

"your hard drive will be deleted" lol so cringy

I keep telling them that I have a virus on my 20 year old laptop

“Your call did not go through. 054T.”

Fake error?

They just went down.

I kept calling them and playing ear rape sex noises and other stuff. here’s one I just tested : 8886302717

8444467440 Number seems to be up again just tried to call worked on FireRTC

@TechDennis#7632 He’s a freaking psycho LOL. He started telling me about how we all f**k each other and we all scam each other lol. I told him he got his degree from 7/11 HotDog University.

Just setting up a virtual mashine to see if i get a funny response

Seems to be down again

@FuelDaFlame#7624 Yes. @shad0wsnhd#7625 Don’t link browser locking popups directly, remove the http://

Write hxxp:// @R34P3R#7642 @shad0wsnhd#7619