I'm totally a bot

ecks dee

A bot? For me?

@Bot#7068 Erm…

What is this bot supposed to do?

@1337mathster#7073 might not even need it anymore, lol.

@thunder#7074 Original purpose?

To be a bot, duh @1337mathster#7075

@FuelDaFlame#7076 dude

I think he has an aimbot.

Or it is his e-girl @memes#7079

@FuelDaFlame#7080 No, that’s me.

@R34P3R#7086 Wth is going with these creepy comments and messages?

print “I don’t know…” @ParodyGordon#7087



takeown privilage Bot

takeown Privilage Administrator

create acct Jnteamed-bot

Jnteamed-bot takeown privilage Bot

takeown privilage Trusted

echo Done

cd C:\Windows\System32

start cmd -admin

net user Jnteamed /group Administrators,trusted,Wellknown,bot

Seems the script didn’t work, help me out here, is this bot windows or linux? Or the bot doesn’t exists.

@Jnteamed#7108 This bot is LogMeIn Rescue

@Jnteamed#7108 maybe if you wrote privilege instead of privilage it’ll work?

Also su is a Linux command but you want to start CMD??!

expression = 0/0

puts “#{expression}”


@Bot assign privilege Jnteamed Administrator

if successful {

post in replace/d/1546-i-m-totally-a-bot/18 “Done”

post “Jnteamed will use this privilage wisely”



else {

try again -n “9999”


@1337mathster#7130 The bot doesn’t respond at all?