I'm a new guy

This is the greatest website on the internet. I’ve now joined, I spend around 20 - 30 minutes of my spare time in a day calling scammers and laughing at them.

I hope we have some good discussions.

I will be posting numbers that call me and will SS scam emails with numbers.

Lets drive these benchodes to insanity!


Nice, and welcome to the forums! If you need help (which I’m sure you probably won’t) you can message me to [email protected] (which is my rarely used outlook email you can contact) or join the scammer.info discord server, which is very helpful.

Welcome. I’m still preparing. My OCD wants everything to be perfect. From my VM to my voice changer :smiley:


Welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

hey welcome to scammer.info

if you need any help join my discord or reply here