ILOVEYOU trojan spreads to DISCORD

Link (Dangerous):

Registered via NETIM on March 2, 2015 (Updated January 13, 2022) - Whois


VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - 090887c30e27dd955c9c3bb9efa0299555e6fa9678e86cc5dd35c90bf8b0643c

Any.Run - - Interactive analysis - ANY.RUN


Associated IP Address -

Program is a VBS file, which creates Autorun.inf files in root directories and executes every time these directories are accessed. The program is essentially a revival of the ILOVEYOU email worm.


Bad strategy, who in their right mind would like to rate a love letter from some stranger they never talked to. Also, ILOVEYOU trojan is very popular in the media and everyone who investigated at least 5 minutes about the viruses knows about the ILOVEYOU trojan.

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