Illuminati Scams

Turns out there are a lot of Illuminati scammers on the official website of Masters of Hardcore

URL: These brave artists will join the Brotherhood of Brutality - Masters of Hardcore

I have sent an email to these three assholes. There are a lot more in the comments below, scambait the living shit out of them, trust me, it’s very fun, and you’ll have a fine laugh.

I will post any info i gather.

Pretty successful scambait.
Scambait victim: third screenshot, [email protected]

I can say these scammers are getting smarter. He asked me this:

I just found some random photo on the internet, posted it onto Imgur, then got it into Grabify and got into a link. He was dumb enough to click on my link, revealing his location:


After that, he sent me a Bitcoin address so I can send him funds for my initiation. I just lied and said I got to discuss this with my wife, reality is: I’m never gonna contact him again.

His Bitcoin address:

Bitcoin address history: bc1qf6vap05fmqt7ymux3qt753pe7dh9m48u6s9eft | BitRef

People have fallen for this, somehow.

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Another successful scambait.
Victim: 1st photo, [email protected]

For some reason, he sent me a screenshot of the chat we had before we got on Hangouts, revealing he is in Nigeria (timezone, network, also the app I saw once in the Pleasant Green video)

He asked me for a photo, I sent him a grabify link, and he was dumb enough to click on it:

He is now well known for his catch-phrase ‘‘I don’t understand’’ and ‘‘Alright’’

In the end he asked for all of my info, here’s the entire message that can bring tears even to Lucifer:

Alright brother
Confirmation from Landeck Alter and 666 elites of the headquarters
Mr. Benjamin
You are welcome to our world of wealth, fame, powers and protection.
Your initiation code(password) is [PETEÆ0049479974459 / NWO607389246043/ ELIYR40034434/ LKCDTM433999776/ HF008528866].
As a member of the world of light, the fraternity always offers a welcome ransom of $ 700,000.00, a new car, a house of your choice in any part around the world, uniforms and our spiritual TCFB books that will be very useful to you as our member.
Your welcome payment will be paid to you through Western Union in multiple installments, or the total amount would be send directly into your account.
Now, you must send the following details let me forward so that I can forward it to the headquarters for your payment.
Your name
Phone number
Account number (IBAN)
Name of the account holder
Bank name
Bank address
Account holder’s address
Your money will be fully paid to you via the account provided or in part via Western Union.
And, your monthly salary as a member of the enlightened fraternity always remain 980,000.00 dollars for women and 1,000,000.00 (1 million dollar)for men
Now you have to pay your registration fees which is USD200 $ US dollars and also known as the genesis of your success or the beginning of your success as stated s in the Anton OX’s red book that "nothing brings nothing while something brings and generates something "
Without paying for your registration fee,
you can not receive the money that will be paid to you as a welcome ransom.
Because a day after having paid your registration fees, you shall be summoned by our representative in your country during a physical meeting for your installation.
In the meeting
_ A Tex question, a reply, the code MTCN would be given to you (for Western Union Transaction only)
-In the case of a bank-to-bank transaction, your receipt will be sent to you as soon as payment is made after registration and you receive a notification from the bank.
-the key to your car, decisions regarding the location of your new home and the documents you will be given to you, including your box of success, your books and all other benefits.
You dont have to fail the meeting that will be called by our representative in your country a day after the payment of your registration fee, because the meeting is the key to your success.
Finally, your membership card would be sent to you on WhatsApp by some of our excellent agents, each having a contract like mine and ending with the significant figure 666 of the Illuminati. When they welcome you, just respond “Thank you Master” or thank you, Queen of Light. When you receive inform me immediately.
And finally, after receiving your membership card, send it to the Supreme Master, Email … [email protected]
From Supreme Master, USA, LA. Central headquarters Green vall 9 March 2022​:pray::pray::pray::pray: :ok_hand::ok_hand:
Make sure you read it very well
Okay brother

I’m absolutely sure that he will annoy me for about 3 more days, so if i gather any more info, be sure that i will send it to y’all.

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