Illuminati recruitment scam from "Grandmaster The new world order"

I got a spam email from “Grandmaster The new world order” yesterday.
The email that sent it was: [email protected]

The contents of the email is:

Blessed are those who are open to new idea

They change the world

We have been painted with bad images

Rather littered with lies not confusion


It is meant for enlightenment, positive energy and advancement of the human specie

You’re at your advanced stages of awakening

Your energy is made of pure Astral and it invites both light workers and energy vampires but your energy leads you right.

This is an invitation for you to become part of the world’s biggest conglomerate. As we begin this year’s recruitment program and our annual feast of harvest is almost at hand. Do you agree to be a member of the illuminati new world order, Reply me immediately


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