identify theft game clan

hello everyone i’d like to talk about a “gaming clan” that is technically a real clan, but they are extremely racist and sexist and even homophobic, but their main goal is to “recruit” people to get their personal information and open up credit cards with their names just to rack up a bunch of debt so they don’t have too worry about money. I myself was a victim along side my best friend and when i tried to tell cops they said they couldn’t do anything because i like in OKC Oklahoma and they live Dallas Texas. they go by the name TGH (They Gonna Hate) AKA TGHTV. they have a facebook page, a website, and even a youtube channel to help cover their tracks and ask you for your personal information because they are a “business” but what they truly use that information for is opening bank accounts in your name and leaving you with THOUSANDS of dollars in debt without even telling you.

i honestly don’t know what to do because everyone i go too just say they can’t do anything about it and i just don’t want other people’s lives ruined because these people have an amazing facade and cover up for what they are actually doing which is IDENTITY THEFT!! i hope someone knows what to do and can possibly put an end to this scam they do. they’ve already gone to jail once for it all, but they just restarted their leader goes by the name “BB” and his brother “AJ” and his best friend “Tony” are the masterminds of it all and generally have everyone else in their “Klan” (yes they support the KKK) working for them to gain an income just to secretly steal their earnings and use them as their own without them even knowing and are planning to expand their “Empire” which once i confronted this with the leader they “Black listed” me (B I G MOMA, AKA: NARBE) and my friend (B I G SAD) we tried our best to get everyone we could out and explain what was truly happening, but only the ones old enough to understand identity theft and checked their “withdrawals” in their bank to find out that there was someone stealing about 25% of their profits, but then dried their bank accounts clean of any earnings once they were “blacklisted” and left all of us with nothing and having to start over from scratch. i really do hope someone can do something because i cannot. i’m still trying to get my social security number cleared, but am constantly being stopped because of “jurisdiction” they even use a HOSPITAL as their business address when they live nowhere near there to increase their odds of people trying to look for the hospital to find them instead and lead to a scam that ends with identity theft

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