I was banned

I would like to draw your attention towards the fact that for a past few days I am being banned frequently without any cause.I stopped arguing,never put any allegations.Yet I am being banned again and again by an unknown entity.

I would be highly grateful if Thunder can take a look into the matter and tell me the reason for fpthe frequent bans.

Also when I am banned I can’t post or upvote anything.

Dude, just follow the rules of the site, and read the ‘Recent Occurances’ thread. You spam Whois reports which breaks rule #2. You can also sometimes be a jerk.

@FuelDaFlame#6911 Why are you always tryin to prove yourself right.

Even R3P34 agreed with me,yet you are tryig to fight.

Dont try to take advantage of a serious issue.

[“Banhammer Games”,“I was banned”]

@ParodyGordon#6914 R34P3R*

Also, any particular reason why you disliked my posts where I asked users to be careful?

There’s nothing wrong with posting the Whois information of a scammer’s domain.


@1337mathster#6920 Yes that was because of the fact that many people had already posted that it was a scam with proofs,even thunder said it.Yet you tried to bring up the fact again.

@ParodyGordon#6922 I’m not sure who is banning you, but they should stop. If I find out who is banning you when I’ve unbanned you, they will most likely be demoted.

@ParodyGordon#6922 You don’t seem to have really clicked on any links or actually read what thunder said.

@thunder#6921 I am pretty sur Mathser1337 banned me,please check the logs.You can even check my history,if you find anything offensive about my posts or comments,I ll leave the community imidiately.If not then I woul atleast request a protection against this injuistice.

@ParodyGordon#6926 lol I’ve literally requested admins to unblock you at one point after unbanning you myself.

We are not here for arguments, but everyone, I will update the rules.

@1337mathster#6919 Also you are requested to not change the titles of my posts.

Since I chose my titles with real care so that they are enough to potray the whole matter.

@Jnteamed#6928 You might want to discuss that with other mods/admins first.

I’m not saying that Whois reports are bad just don’t post one in every single thread.

Oh, right, i posted new rules too early.

Also, you are the last person who should decide the rules @Jnteamed#6943.

@FuelDaFlame#6947 Yes.

We might as well leave the rules as is.