I want to know if this website is a scam

Scam Number: +41 445851098
Scammer’s Website or Email: https://imb-invest.com/
Additional information about this scam: They want to invest in a company in the USA and one of their employees is using a fake LinkedIn photo, also wondering if someone can check the who.is or anything else on their domain that seems like a give away.

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Domain was registered on 2022-04-05 but at the bottom of the webpage the copyright is 2013.

Very suspicious.


I have reason to believe that the person or persons that made this site is french

are these ips from scammers?

I have confirmed that the scammers are indeed french


ooooh, something new

No they are just the nameservers of cloudflare / ip’s of cloudflare.

imb-invest.com cloudflare PHP 7.4.30 WordPress 5.9.3 Home - IMB-Invest AG
ftp.imb-invest.com cloudflare ftp.imb-invest.com | 525: SSL handshake failed
autodiscover.imb-invest.com cloudflare
autoconfig.imb-invest.com cloudflare
www.imb-invest.com cloudflare PHP 7.4.30 WordPress 5.9.3 Home - IMB-Invest AG

the server hosting provider is www.hostinger.com

This is the other company they were associated with. They took down their website last week. www.rf-trustee.com or https://who.is/whois/rf-trustee.com. They claim to be out of the UK, but again i’m not sure. Would be interesting to know if they are actually from the UK.

also rf-trustee.co.uk

Hi, can you tell me how you made this connection?
[email protected]

These guys are likely:

  1. of Jewish background
  2. Swiss residents
  3. Polyglots:
    4. French
    5. Italian
    6. English
    7. Dutch
    8. German
  4. They will try to lure victims to the Netherlands or Italy, and elsewhere, and demand “proof of coin” to invest in your crypto startup.
  5. They will ask to scan the QR code of your Crypto smartphone app to send you a nominial amount of crypto, but, they’ll actually display your recovery phrases, take a photo, and then continue with the QR code/coin payment pretext

Please contact me if you have any intel or OSINT [email protected]

We’ll compare notes.

Didn’t pick anything up on scans but there are a few things out of place Copyright © {2013} IMB Immobilien & Investment AG All rights reserved not a massive giveaway but if the site was being watched them the copyright would need updating hmmmm
Also cannot find in FCA financial conduct authority
That it shows on there site also the Google image search shows a building from 2019 so couldn’t confirm but it do say the company name through google

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The trust score of imb-invest is very low. Why?

The trust score of imb-invest.com is extremely low. This is a strong indicator that the website may be a scam.

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We found a valid SSL certificate

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The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS

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The references on Social Media were negative

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