I think that scammers are getting smarter, what do you think?

Hello everyone.
Do you guys think that scammers are getting smarter?
I dont know really I think some are but some others are still as dumb as they were.
Also, im kinda unlucky, because my time zone is GMT+2 (Athens) and it has to be 1 am for me to be able to call scammers, since only then the website is active : (


I think that’s part of the challenge with scambaiting. I used to bait heavily in the early 2000’s and am coming back after a several-year hiatus. Since I left, the scammers and scams have gotten far more advanced. In 2010 scammers didn’t know virtual machines were a thing, and rarely wanted remote access to your computer. Today, remote access is common and some scammers are getting smart enough to spot VMs even if you clean up the machine pretty well.

If there’s any good news to be had, scambaiters seem to be getting smarter, too. The advances that have come from groups like this, YouTubers scambaiting, and more are helping us to deal with the rise in scammer savvy-ness. With any luck, we’ll stay a step ahead of most of them.


Indian scammers start taking calls from 10AM until about 7PM eastern time (New York)

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Many refund scammers do not check if your PC is a VM. But they do check history and recent downloads.


Yeah, i have fixed msinfo32 to say HP, but im talking about reversing the connection in AnyDesk. They dont fall for my anydesk tricks anymore (Again, most of them are getting smarter, there are still a lot dumb scammers out there who fall for my tricks)


Just an FYI Nobody will give you an answer here… Just to be honest.
The issue is as follows:

  1. It’s Illegal
  2. nobody wants the scammers to know.

That’s why.


For some, indeed. It’s human nature to evolve, adapt, and improve over time. However, while scammers are getting smarter, us scambaiters are also getting smarter as well. Back then, best we could do is waste their time and mess with them. Now, we have easy access to IP grabbers and packet sniffers to find the IP and location of their computers. Now with AI, we can generate bots that automatically call them and waste their time even further.


what do you mean?
Sorry i didnt understand…

What she is saying is that it’s illegal to reverse an AnyDesk connection. Believe it or not. No one will tell you, or anyone else for that matter. That’s what she’s saying… How can it be any clearer if you are gonna say you still don’t understand lol?


I’m a male lol, The Name Chloe is just a friend of mine. Kinda of name to throw people off. But thanks for responding. Nobody will give you lessons despite how easy it is… It cuts down on skids fucking shit up and scammers becoming aware of the methods.


Just like we research them to find out how they are scamming people, they research out what we know and try to find ways around our tactics. The less we put out on our discovery methods, the less chance they have on countering them. Exposing them and preventing them from scamming is the priority focus here, not to tip our hand to allow them to have the advantage in their favor.

ohhh shittt my bad, guess the throw off is working well :joy:

Which in a way is good and bad; On one hand people cannot delete files of the scammers which is good as deleting files IMO is pointless but on the other hand baiters who don’t do that cannot do it. Then again unless their just downloading files it shouldn’t be too much of an impact.

Accessing them without permission anyways is illegal so people shouldn’t be doing it anyways.

And because of the law and because the AnyDesk method can easily be mis-used.

Yeah I can undestand now. I just dont have English as my primary language and sometimes I get a little confused. Also,
depends on how you reverse the connection. For exaple, how does Jim Browning reverse connections on scammers for about 6 years and nothing happened to him? (Even though BBC interviewed Jim Browning)

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I don’t think the fb romance scammers are getting any smarter. Either that or they still have a long way to go.