I think i have found a scam website

can someone see if this website is a scam It says they are partner with microsoft anyway heres the link

Welcome to the community, @aaronbrown1999 !

I cannot call phone numbers in the United Kingdom. The site looks slick. The website looks professional. I cannot say though with any certainty if this website and company is legitimate.

There are some users in this community, in this website, that are I think from England or from somewhere else in the U.K.
Maybe they might have an opinion about this company’s legitimacy or lack thereof.

I think it’s legit.IT Support Jobs in London and Essex. Work For a Modern IT Company.
Most scam companies wouldn’t post open job applications, and they seem to have office space and an active twitter account. I, too, cannot call them as they are a UK number, but to me this looks legit.