I not a scam but pleze call my scam competition

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Dear Bobtc Team,

I am contacting you about my website and number being abused through your website , and it has been falsely flagged as a Tech Support Scam, in fact the report was done by an actual Scamming company that is basically trying to cut competition (us).

I have a few websites I run as a Value Added Reseller; I have a legitimate company ; I have a team which operated off shore from India but it is legitimate fully legal and ethical and because we are ethical and operate properly

The number reported was : 877 302 8550
our website is : https://isoftwarestore.co/

and :(877)467-1924
our website is: https://isecuremart.com/
The second website was reported by username ShindlerX whos is apparently a MOD,
he should have is moderator rights revoked or he should properly investigate before reporting.

He simply put antivirus : and it is completely false and disinformation. Intentionally done to disrupt a legitimate business. The website sells and offers software licenses and is also is under development.

I suspect three cases;

1.Error in case of Mod like ShindlerX

  1. Either a recalcitrant client reported our website due to poor service which is highly unlikely, we pride ourselves with proper client service and offer full 100% Money Back guarantee and we use Real Merchant Services not just Paypal. You should know people have low stress tolerance and are trolls these days so you should have at least verified by calling the company = 5% chance

  2. 95% a competitor is jealous and they want to DDOS and suspend our business so they can get the bigger share of the market, half these competitors are scammers themselves
    I suspect the one who launched the attack were

High Confidence =
1-877-356-1524, (877) 552-0280, (877) 255-2996 , (877) 891-0372, (877) 771-0696, (877) 664-7136, (877) 363-3536, (877) 695-1289,
Low Confidence =
company number :928-227-1212
Company Phone: 1 (818) 495 6247
(888) 982-0605
Company # 888-930-0170
Company # 866-228-5507

Please investigate the abuse and if you could redirect the spam call to these numbers (if you find them to be

We operate as Value Added Resellers for software , we either have directly purchased licenses from vendors or are brand partners with the companies,
Please remove the listing as I believe it is tampering business and it’s fully unjustified.

Whenever we were attacked or flooded with spam callers, we put them through an auto receptionist calls on voicemail, to flush real customers and our clients from fake callers ; from your website and other websites.

We cannot reach our clients and offer them 24/7 support if your service is flooding the company phone line.

Unfortunately I have to remove 3 numbers that were reported because of poor verification on your end.

Please get back to me and tell me if there is a way when we have a new number , that I can send them to you guys in advance to keep them whitelisted from false flag reports.

[email protected]


I did a quick bit of researching and found this …so far.

File Number: 450716943
Filing State: New Jersey (NJ)
Filing Status: Active
Filing Date: October 19, 2021
Company Age: 2 Months
Registered Agent: Syed Haider 788 New Dover Road Edison, NJ 08820 (house)
Mailing Address:
991 Route 22 West Suite 200 Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0880 (Virtual Office)

Syed Haider
Website: crownheightstaxi.com
Phone: (732) 646-5740, (732) 645-1405
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Syed Haider
Phone: (732) 646-5740
Email: [email protected]

Haider Syed
Phone: (732) 491-6339
Email: [email protected]

Syed may also be known by the following alternative names: Syed Karim, Karim M Syed, Karim Syed. Current address for Syed is 788 New Dover Rd, Edison, NJ.

Syed Karim
Phone: (732) 645-1282
Email: [email protected]

Syed Karim
Phone: (732) 645-1291
Email: [email protected]

22 companies registered at this address. The property owner’s name is Ahmad Irfan. Haider, Shafi and Haider Shafi, the owners of the parcels 00122 00040 WORK SHOP 25 X 100, 208 19TH AVE. BLOCK:122 LOT:40 25 X 100 WORK SHOP, live here.



why they are using two different sites to sell software licenses and How can they sell Norton antivirus because Norton doesn’t have any reseller program. lol


now they are using geek squad number to fool us. :rofl:

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You are using the number to Geek Squad as your number to call, but say you are ethical and operate properly?

The real Geek Squad

Your “team” in NJ seems shady with the Taxi/limo/tech support, using many websites with fake addresses on them and a some are no longer available, while new ones are created.

I have to wonder if this is another of your sites or are you just “forwarding” traffic to your competition:



Located in Mumbai, India


Dear MKHNT ,

I respect the work you do and I appreciate it honestly but I feel that doxing my information and those that are related to me is completely unrelated to this situation is comes off as abusive and puts me at risk of malicious attacks.

You are confusing the two separate business, they are completely separate and and unrelated and I would appreciate it if you could please remove the post with personal information (under your research section) please at least do this much

The original post was actually meant to be send to the admin team for scammer.info but was sent to BOBRTC and they have been adding and misrepresenting the posts here.

You are taking screen shots of the website now (when it has been deactivated and not running ), the numbers you see currently reflected are not the company numbers , the original number were posted by what I suspected was a competitor company . So I replaced the the number of the company I suspected was initiating the robocall .

I told my dev team to change the number , despite changing the number the calls kept coming, mind you this was all taking place yesterday , I was not aware a the dev put best buy number’s, which is a massive screw up and outright retarded , and I will be dealing with the person responsible for that most severely, but be that as it may NO customer or client or real visitor visited the website when the number was changed, since the website was not running since DDOS attack and the only reason it was changed was to forward the flooding elsewhere.

In my email correspondence I have explained thoroughly that I run an ecommerce site as a reseller, the “value added” was further explained in those emails but has been deliberately or mistakenly left out I cannot not judge the (intent of the OP) is making it seem that a scam is being run.

I am being as honest as can be, there is no such fraud or scam taking place, The company does not claim to “be” or “act” as Norton/Mcafee, the company offers clients software license and tech support on their devices 24/7. (at a better value than Norton and McAfee …that’s the Value Added."

The websites are reseller ecommerce websites, the value added is when the client decides to opt in for yearly teach support (this detail was conveniently left out)

I am more than willing to talk in full detail in the nature of business and have this confusion cleared up. I would just appreciate if you guys actually talked with me one on one and with an open mind and not assume me to be like the rest of the people

As for the individual who claims Norton doesn’t have a partner program

Norton at the moment is not accepting clients and suggests those who wish to be partners to go to local vendors and buy essentially from their partners.

The reason why I had two separate websites is for campaign optimization, but also for backup as is the case here , people unscrupulously and nefariously try to shut down websites unethically but having the sites flooded by bots

Thank You for reading and I hope my message is taken seriously and not treated as a joke as it seems to be so far

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That information goes to credibility. The “team” has demonstrated deception in the various “companies” they play wack-a-mole with in taking one down and putting up another, altering names and using fake addresses in the process. This is the person directly associated with your website and their actions elsewhere reflect on you. This is not doxing, as I have only pointed out the fact there is deception going on. All is public info easily found in simple web searching.

I took those screen shots today, so I have no idea what you mean about it not running, but again you are demonstrating deceptive practices by saying you are using “suspected competitors numbers”.

I do believe this is more about competing companies and deception is what con artists do, so I do not see a valid reason to remove what I have posted.
I have not violated any Content Standards, the information I posted is within Fair Use practices.

Note: You are the one violating Content Standards towards a competitor and doxing them by posting their numbers and requesting they be “call flooded”. This is also a demonstration of you being deceptive when you provided nothing to substantiate posting their numbers.


Lol, It’s funny how scammers try and defend themselves, and use one of the oldest scam techniques of pretending to be"partners". Norton does not have any “reseller program”. Furthermore, I just checked with Norton and they clearly stated that you are not their “Partner” or “Authorised Reseller”. You are running a scam and trying to defend yourself shamelessly and as per your website, you seem to be the “Authorized Reseller” of every antivirus


You have not pointed out any deception, which related to fraud and scam which harms or is causing injury to someone, what you demonstrated is the deception used to “mitigate” a malicious robocall attack.

First point which seems to be neglected, the original poster, took a private conversation and made it public, the original poster YaliqMaliq from BobRTC technical support team, and I explained thoroughly to them and they removed the now “deleted” numbers that were on their website. They forwarded me here to explain to you as to how we are not a scammer website.

These websites are all operating as they are displayed, an e-commerce for software. Customers are sold offered served their desired service. There is service offered 24/7 , clients are being supported at the moment. There is absolutely no deception on the clients end, this website is to protect customers and people from being abused and scammed, no such action is taken place through these websites. Go read their Return policy. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Please read the original post thoroughly

Quote :"Please investigate the abuse and if you could redirect the spam call to these numbers (if you find them to be") meaning if you find them to be abusive (and initiating scams / robo calls)

The post was not asking to “get rid of the competition” it was asking to review said websites for potential of scamming because we were still suspecting some of them to be responsible for initiating bot call to our website during work hours.

Although I understand you are operating on probability, and that you are deeming this site to me on the same page as those other wack-a-mole sites, this is based on conjecture. Have you taken the time to look up those numbers, does a scammbaiter website acting on deception when they participate in a flood spam attack on a scam company? If they end up spamming a legitimate number due to misjudgment is that considered deception? The numbers I listed, please have a look at each of those numbers on google and you will find many to be “true” wack-a-mole sites.

The high confidence numbers, are the numbers of the company that I know for a fact have attack the websites
I repeat the calls were forwarded to a known attacker (they have a history of targeting our campaigns)

I don’t know how much clearer can I be.

Please there is no need to be patronizing.

You claimed Norton does not have a “reseller program” then you claim you somehow “checked” with Norton to verify partnership. Please tell me how did you check ?

You clearly don’t have the full information, you aren’t to be blamed, as the OP did not upload the discussion that took place afterwards.

Norton and McAFee have closed their reseller (license reselling) partnership , Nowadays when a company wants to be a reseller It will have to talk to a distributor and acquire licenses from them, these can be Local and Online vendors (distributors) . We acquire our licenses from Local vendors and Online , with respect to these two, and as for Avast and Bitdefender however we are direct reseller partners with.


I repeat We are indeed Authorized to Resell for the 4 mentioned software, there is no deception no scam.

What search term do your customers search to get to your scam website?

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I posted info “After The Fact” of the original post. I have pointed out deception, just look at the title. You purposely gave out numbers of a competitor without any justification, expecting they would be called instead of yours. You claimed your Dev team “put best buy number’s, which is a massive screw up and outright retarded”. obviously done to get callers to call that number to involve Best Buy receiving calls. Whether you personally asked them to or they did it on their own, it does demonstrate deception, as you are not going to convince anyone it was an “accident”. You are causing harm to Best Buy by this deception and is an attempt to cause discredit to the site’s reputation.

Well, I will await them to explain it is all a mistake then, but until then I have not been convince there is no deception going on with your Staff or company.

Are you seriously trying to compare a community out to stop scammers by using deceptive tactics, to a company that takes money from “customers” by using deceptive tactics?

Ahh, I see why the Best Buy number was put on your site now and yes that is considered deception by your Dev team.

You “suspected” they posted your numbers to cause people to call flood them, so you decided to return the favor by doing the same thing and post theirs. So you are admitting you intentionally put them into the spot light and now claim it was only “asking to review said websites”? You didn’t post the websites you wanted someone to review, instead you purposely posted a list of numbers on a website designed to call flood scammers as a retaliation of what you suspected was by your competitors.


There was no Spotlight, I think you are forgetting this was a private conversation, I never made or posted these numbers to the public , this was the action of OP! Read the original post , he is quoting everything form an email. If I wanted to deliberately act and target these website, I would have done that elsewhere, or simply like all the members here posted them anonymously. Posting them in numbers, as I they would google the numbers and search the website and call the numbers and verify . Additionally was under the impression my original post was in relation to the admins of this page which seems to be a common error.

I mentioned the competitor information as “probable cause”, and I requested an investigation …which would follow an action “IF found guilty” I listed all the websites that are probable causes, except the first one which is known to have attacked us.

We did not give out anything “without justification” two reasons were given , if you didn’t find them to your liking that is besides the point, you cannot treat them as if they did not exist, with due respect sir, the message was not meant for you.

Intention is looked is taken account into every judgment made, you cannot claim it to be deception when it was not used or done to deceive innocent people, you lack any “concrete proof or evidence to say that this was done to cause Best Buy Harm! let alone ruin their website’s reputation, God forbid." It was doing the opposite, because our service was flooded and locked, we had to forward both spam and clients to a number that could handle that load, so real client were funneled to Best Buy along with the spammers, because we had to provide them someone else to cater to their service .

The number takes you to an auto receptionist, “if” and that a big IF the attackers scanned our website and send spam callers to them , it would not go past auto receptionist for obvious reasons : The human spammer callers would come to an Autoreceptionist and cease doing their “deception” (that they are justifying in hue of vigilantism ), the real client would proceed to get support from a Geek Squat Technician.

Please be fair, it seems you are only acting on evidence that favor you and ignoring everything else., never the less I take everything you say very respectfully and I will address and resolve and make sure no such mistakes occur again. I hope you for the best outcome.

yaliqmadiq is a Moderator at BobRTC and has even made an announcement here BobRTC - Registrations closed Dec 18-Jan 2
You couldn’t submit those numbers to them due to them not accepting new registrations, so I am assuming you used their “Report Abuse” link. I am going to guess that yaliqmadiq posted it here so it could be investigated and I will further guess that the title here is what you put in the initial report.
Perhaps it was done via a private method, but it still doesn’t change the fact you did it as a retaliation and that implies intent, since you could have simply said “someone” posted your numbers without even mentioning who you suspected. You did exactly the same thing as you claim your competitors did and you don’t even know if it was them or how they submitted the numbers, do you?
You gave those numbers because you wanted to have the spot light off you and put on them.

You didn’t think it mattered that you forwarded your calls to another business, knowing they would get call flooded? You could have simply removed your number and/or posted a note for your “clients” with an honest reason why they wouldn’t get through or at least told that number goes to Best Buy. Instead you would rather use deception tactics to send call spam along with your ‘clients’ to them without anyone knowing who they were really calling.

I wanted to give you benefit of doubt, but you changed your story about the Best Buy number from being a screwup to being intentional and seems more like it is just damage control you are doing.


@ospkemon You’re from the US and as such, you have basically no right to privacy. In the US, there is even the Freedom of Information Act which allows citizens to request all sorts of private information from government entities. All the information posted here is public information that can be pulled from various services online. In my opinion, this post does not violate our ToS.


You are making accusation left and right, there was no plan to register new members, that was clear, report abuse was the intended reason for contacting the admin, not to “investigate” not post their number. Those numbers where sent as ease of convenience (to search google and their website for previous posts). I don’t see why this needs to be repeated.

You are now changing your claim, first you claimed it was an attempt to put the company in the spotlight, now since you can’t make a case for that you proceed to assume it was an attempt to flood them.

I mentioned I have high confidence for one company (the nature of which is quiet frankly irrelevant) , you are claiming I operated on assumption and suspicion , and here you are assuming and suspecting that post was to “weed out competition.”

The numbers were listed to “investigate into…,” they flooding those found to be scammers was a suggestion (of their own accord) not a prescription.

There was no removal off spotlight, and It is clear you don’t read at all, please go ahead and start reading from the beginning both website and (number) were mentioned for the team to investigate. Nothing was hidden, but you for some reason are acting aloof to these facts.

You are really pulling on straws here , I am not changing narrative, I personally did not approve of this changing of numbers, nor was made aware, the post but I answered as I got the answer from the team as to the reason behind it the team as an emergency solution, while the services were being flooded, 1-2 hours before we had to shut off the campaigns for the website, in case any legitimate “new” clients were to end up on the page they would get the support they needed. What mattered was people who are looking for Technical Support with their devices got trustworthy support, BB’s Geek Squad. this is nowhere classified as deception, and to believe it to be is pulling on straws

The sheer amount of manipulation, filling in the blanks with what you see fit to accuse someone, really comes of as deceptive, nothing so far you said makes it seem like you were giving us the benefit of the doubt, so claiming you were as mute as your opinion of my responses.

I have made my points, and I will leave it to the Admins of the page to deal with , I thank you for your constructive criticism, it has been duly noted.

Title gives it all away… “scam competition”??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: and your bad grammar too.

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No, I haven’t changed anything in my Statements. I maintain you wanted them in the spot light and hoped they would get call flooded. There seems nothing further to gain from continued discussions, as it is you who are grasping at straws to back peddle your storyline.
If you didn’t approve of what your “team” was doing, then how can you sit here and defend that they aren’t doing anything else without your knowledge? You called your competition scammers, yet they do the same business as you, so what differentiates them from you in that regard?

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