I need urgent help with this scammer

Email sender: [email protected]

Details: this person was disguised as an interested buyer on eBay. they told me they could only use paypal as a payment method as it was the only way of payment they have. i have little to no idea at all how paypal works but they have tricked me into going them my full name to clarify that i wasnt a scam. i provided them with the details and i received a message from “paypal” claiming I have to buy $500 dollar worth of Steam Wallet Gift Cards in order to access my full pay from ’Linda Collins’. This account emails me frantically telling me their account has been frozen and pressures me into buying the Steam Wallet Gift Cards. Obviously, I did not have $500 dollars on me at the time and with the only little money I had, I bought a $50 Steam Wallet Gift Card. The false paypal email instructed me to take pictures of the gift card with the code to clarify it was real and authentic. When I thought it would be the end of it, emails from the fake paypal account sent emails about how they were going to take legal action if i didnt pay for all the Steam Wallet Gift Cards and Linda Collins also threatening to involve authorities. Thats when I realised I was being scammed. I looked back at the emails and realised it wasn’t the real paypal email as I received a message from the real paypal email.

EDIT: Apologies for the lack of information I had provided before.

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Any details you can provide?

Just posting someone’s email address without some sort of substantiation it’s associated with a scam isn’t ideal.

Please provide more details