I need some help

Can anyone help me?


What do you want?

@Flinty94#7291 Flinty94 Please tell me if there is a PM service on this website?

2.Also what are those stars on the profile image.Does anyone like Mathster1337 get them?I mean is it alloyed to random people through a lottery or something?

Please answer NY question Flinty94 since only you seem to be interested in genuinely helping me :).

@ThisIsSparta#7293 I think we all know who you are.

@1337mathster#7294 I am sorry,I didn’t quite get you.

Please enlighten me with the facts you are trying to imply on me?

@ThisIsSparta#7295 Hello Maahir Sharma.

Enlightened now?

Maahir Shah = Parody Gordon.

@1337mathster#7296 I am really sorry but I have a gut feeling that you are mistaking me for somebody else.

Please confirm your intentions.

@ThisIsSparta#7297 Bye dude.


Is it just me or are there no stars anywhere on my profile?

@1337mathster#7300 you mean like “verified” and stuff like that?

Cause I can see that in your profile.

@SuperLinkBro#7301 I think that’s what he was referring to as ‘stars’

@1337mathster#7309 Sir those were my genuine queries.Kindly confront me instead of banning me.You have to realise the fact that you can’t just over impose any identity on me.




Please stop messing around. There are no stars, just ranks. And there are multiple accounts, with some random posts and i pick them up every day to throw them at the http://cdn.texasdisposalsys.netdna-cdn.com/sites/default/files/Interior_Hero_Landfill.jpg