i need help

Hello can you help me to scambait

Do you have discord?


I get my phone numbers mostly from these six sites, in this order:







If that does not work, I then Google these search terms. With each search,

I filter for the last 24 hours or even the last one hour.

"social security" site:nomorobo.com

"Amazon" site:nomorobo.com

"U.S. Customs" site:nomorobo.com

"US Customs" site:nomorobo.com

"subscription" site:nomorobo.com

"refund" site:nomorobo.com

"warranty" site:nomorobo.com

"arrest" site:nomorobo.com

"legal action" site:nomorobo.com

"won" site:nomorobo.com

"Lord" site:nomorobo.com

"Apple" site:nomorobo.com

People have recently asked me how I record calls.

I make the outbound phone calls with Google Voice or TextNow. Sometimes, the sound quality seems a tad better with TextNow. TextNow also seems to have slightly less glitches.

I normally make the calls on a normal desktop computer, with a USB headphone/microphone. I record the conversations using OBS Studio, available for free at: https://obsproject.com/ With the older version that ended in "1," I had to make some modifications to avoid an annoying echo. In the audio mixer, I muted all the audio tracks \*except\* for track one (audio input capture) and track three (desktop audio). In the newer version that ends with "2," I only have to worry about two tracks, and I leave both running.

If you want to record a phone call, before calling, I recommend speaking into the microphone to be sure the red record light is on, and there is movement in the Mic/Aux track. I missed out on a few very good recordings, because the software decide to "break" before the call started. The problem is usually solved by closing and reopening the program.

I then take the Mp4 files and upload them to Movie Studio 16.0 (which I had to paid for, but free movie software is available online.) If I was going to choose a free program, I would probably use Movie Maker 10, available at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/movie-maker-10-free/9mvfq4lmz6c9?activetab=pivot:overviewtab If I get an inbound call from a scammer, then I have to improvise by filming the cell phone with a video camera. If you do not want people to see the inside of your home, I would recommend covering the image with a JPG of your choosing.

@Life_racer#193020 SSA is always fun use text now or 2nd line for calling scammers use all false info ALWAYS … refunds are fun too … troll spam call insult all good since they are such low life’s … i use textnow and 2nd line … There is BOBrtc too … read posts to get ideas on what we post on here mostly info on scamners IP’s. numbers and info the give you … Have fun and welcome to our forum😃