I need help urgently

While scam baiting a scammer accidentally sent me their own Ultraviewer ID and password. I was able to connect to their PC without them noticing, so right now I’m watching an idol computer of theirs. I have no idea what to do from here. I dont want to blow what could potentially be a great information haul by getting caught. Can someone with more experience help me out?


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Perhaps you guys?

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Its too late now, so never mind. I seem to have spooked them into taking down all of their phone numbers for today, but ultimately, nothing significant happened and nothing significant was gained.


Transfer and Excel sheet of employees or customer

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Oh man!
I am sorry! I would not know what to do with a reverse connection :confused:

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If you still have access to the scammers’ PC, download as many documents and info as you can, and pour through it all. Alert victims when you call them.

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after this delet all the files

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What type of scam?

It was the version of the tech support scam where, rather than charge you to fix the “hacker problem,” they pretend that a hacker made a purchase with your identity, and, while pretending to be your bank, ask you to make a “duplicate charge” to cancel the transaction.

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As soon as I connected to his PC, I knew my goal was to download as many files as possible. My problem was logistical. Unlike Teamviewer, Ultraviewer does not have the ability to browse and download files from your partner’s directories, so any method I could use to get the files off his computer would require me to use his computer to move them. If someone at the call center saw the mouse moving around on its own, they would know to shut down the computer and terminate my access. This creates the challenge of having to transfer a large number of files while being covert. To make matters worse, Ultraviewer’s ability to add files to chat messages was not working, so getting the files off his computer would take a significant amount of setup. What I tried doing with my admittedly limited networking knowledge was set up an FTP client on his machine, but while I was doing that he came back to his machine. Interestingly, he was completely oblivious to the fact that I was on his machine despite me having opened multiple windows at this point, so the scam went on for a little while longer. Later, after a few minutes of silence and idling has passed, I incorrectly assumed that he left his computer once again and tried to finish the setup. He saw me start doing stuff, so he booted the machine off and I lost access.

I suppose I should have been more clear about this in the original post, but what I wanted help with was transferring files covertly, or perhaps a method of knowing whether or not the scammer is truly away from his computer and not just watching it while doing nothing. Regardless, thank you for the advice.


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