I need help! Seriously- not a prank

I am reaching out to you because I need advice! Hi there. I’m a devoted fan. I need your help/advice. I’ve been getting scam calls all day long. I need to pick up the line because I’m waiting for my Kaiser doctor to call me back. I told the scammer to stop calling me. I went to the “bad phone numbers” website and found that this idiot posted my cell phone number insinuating that I performed sexual acts. How can I get my cell phone number removed from this website? I am a female senior citizen. I NEED HELP!!

I don’t think it can taken off i’m not very sure but if you keep getting flooded with calls then you might want to change your number completely. Sorry that dumb scammer did that to you, post his number on here so at least he can get flooded with calls too.

Yeah you should just get your number changed. Also, what was the scammer’s phone number?

A devoted fan with one post, an Indian-ish name. I feel like you might be a scammer. If not just change your number like the 2 people before me said.

@Annmararajik#8199 Sorry to hear that. If the scammer numbers are mostly the same, you could try blocking the number; the procedure to do that varies by your phone provider. For your number being listed in public you could try contacting the webmaster or use the report button if the site has such option. If all else fails, you might need to change your number as the last resort.

@FuelDaFlame#8202 Judging by the grammar in the original post, doesn't seem like a scammer to me

Give us the scammer’s number, and change your phone number, i hope that scammer gets time in jail.

Based on the location and phrasing I do not think this is a scammer. If you need your number removed (assuming it’s https://badnumbers.info) you can email [email protected] and appeal your number being posted. If you need anything further feel free to call the number in my signature.

I think the “Hackers Arise” part might’ve scared her.

You can try to file removal via this link,

And i will try to help you out.

If not working join this discord and we will help you out.

Just block every scamming number that calls you, they don’t have so many different ones, and they don’t bother changing the caller ID so often as us

That isn’t the problem she is facing. Please read the thread first. @Boloss#8252