I need help pulling off a sucsessfull scambait

I usally phone this reservations one I think its ReservationsDeal but i dont know what to say i just pretend to book one then admit im a scambaiter Any tips would be nice as im new to the world of scam baiting

If you scambait on your phone you can use Talkatone as an app

There are many things you can do to scambait or (help others to do so)

In case you want to call in person:
try to make a sort of an idea what you will say, not exactly every word but just the outlines
for example:
call a fake flight booking service and try to book a flight
when done start asking about the 1rst class options
(when it looks like you are willing to spend more money they will most likely take more time for you)
after that start about extra's. like you want you dog cat or other pet with you on the plane
or maybe say you have allegies and need to be sure there are no nuts in the food

in between of these try to make long storys about your (fake) life
some people do that all day long, so if you can play that convincing it take loads of time
if anything goes wrong or you get caught, remember what went wrong and just try another number and don't mess up the same way
the first few call can go a bit rough but try a few more and you will see it goed smoother soon

if you want your computer ro bug them with calls while you go watch some tv try this:
sorry for the many many spelling errors in that post

In case the calls are not really your thing Intelligence mappingcan also help out alots
find number used by scammers, there are any ways to do this
this is a great post about it:

if you found a number search the internet for proof and perhaps connections to other numbers
and post your findings on scammer.info
some sites that can help out alots with connecting numbers:

if you want to you want to go scambaiting like the big boys and let the scammers on your device always use a virtual machine. how that all works is a long story with many buts and ifs but this is not a wise option for beginners.

If you continue to use your phone for scambaiting some basic free apps that can be usefull:
Dingtone (free/cheap calling)
Thunder VPN (a basic but fine working vpn, with 1 add when starting vpn connection)
Best trace (this will give info about your own IP)
Tor browser (not the fastest but a pretty safe way to browse)
T2V (text to voice)
Clone app (the name says it all , an app clones)
my scam allias has his own apps on my device
his own email, discord, whatsapp, notes and even contacts
so my scamming stuff does not get mixed up with my normal use of my device)

also has some nice things in it

I hope this helps a bit