I need help over here with this scam/caller please

There is a number that is a spoofed number that the first 6 digits are the same to my number with the last four number of the number 1263 that when called back lead to an innocent person, and


It keeps happening

If my number is 123 456 7890
Then the spoofer number call in is 123 456 (put in random 4 digits here)
Is there any way to stop this type of scam?

Block all callers in your area lol

If the last 4 digits of the phone number is always 1263 then just blocking it would probably suffice.

The vacation scammers always do this. In fact a removal request was granted even though the user admitted to using this tactic. He said he did it because it results in more call pick ups. It makes the number appear local or like someone you know. They are spoofing a regular person’s number. Most scammers are quick to hang up, so it is hard to get a real number.

  • 1. Ask for their website. It might have a call back number.
  • 2.

    Play along for a while. Give them some fake credit card information. Ask nicely for a number to reach them on.

  • 3.

    Have them send you an email. It could have a number in it.

  • Answering a scam call leads to more calls. Blocking the number doesn’t help because they will call the next day with a new number. Not answering the phone doesn’t seem to help either. It’s called harassment. And you are considered a “warm lead.”

    @Jnteamed#9902 Sadly, no. They harvest numbers and use an automated system to spoof it to a number similar to yours. Not much you can do about it aside from call the number they give you and flood it with calls.