I need a favor Jnteamed

Can you check what's the ip of the new guy that commented in my new RAT-ed post?
His name is Starmute

Done, waiting for him to take the bait!

Definitely, a 10-year kid would take the bait, but no one has done it yet.


thanks man, need to know if they use the same IP of their company, or maybe one of them is stupid enough to connect using his private home IP

I will update you with the details.


Thanks mate.

[“I need a favor jnteamed”,“I need a favor Jnteamed”]


Someone deleted my free download post. @Koko

@Jnteamed#8707 yeah i saw, nvm he wont fall for it…

He is online right now! I got to know his ip

Ask R34P3R! He can help.