I messed with this SCAMMER and taught him about anal bleaching!

I’m new to scambaiting. You can check out my channel here!

Today, I found a windows support tech scammer error message. It was a spammy link that appears to lock your browser so you can’t use it. It looks like you have no choice but to call their “support line.”

I call the number and speak to “Grace” and “Ricky” which are obviously SCAMMERs. They connect to Virtual Box with Team Viewer which is common. I knew what they were up to before they even started. The scammer connected to my scam baiting “computer” and started to run some tests.

Turns out, he figured out that it was a Virtual Box looking at some system information. I’ve since fixed that problem but we had a lot of fun PRANKING these scammers before they hung up.

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