I keep calling them and scammers hung up on me

Looks like the scammers are getting revenge on us. Better pop RATs on their computer because they don’t have any ITs.

Is there any suggestions so they won’t hang up on me?

Nope. You get that. See, these assholes probably get a shit tonne of calls a day from prankers and scam baiters and if they have been experience this high volume of prank calls with in the last few hours; yeah … you see where I’m going lol

If we can set up bots to auto dial them millions of time they would quit.

@Jnteamed#5189 I was thinking about something like that before.

@Jnteamed#5189 Unfortunately they’d just set up a ‘press 3 to speak to a technician’ system. I’m not aware of any bit that can be programmed to pass through that.

Bat scripts plus hangouts.