"I just made a game wanna try?" DISCORD SCAM

Popup - Garry Game by machinemania (itch.io)

VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - c970f3372e9fa934318d89dffff2b64be498b9c10052cb01b493ac04992cdc02


Program contains Trojan.AutoIT.Win32.152736, which in this case will be used as a Discord tokener to hijack victims’ accounts whilst bypassing the 2FA requirement and use those accounts to further spread the scam to others.

Of note is the fact they use screenshots of a Mario fan-game titled “Paper Mario 3D Land.


Can you just ping me next time? I love eating their heads. Anyways, this one is a tough one, the thing is actually encrypted and properly obfuscated. But the hackors kinda forgot that the analogue gap still exists :slight_smile: Will keep trying to get it to run on my sandbox as I really do not feel like carving up this thing into the bare crap. Game page reported to Itch.

Can you link the discord user?