I have an idea, Feedback is appericated

So, I’m about tired of seeing lack of tools and products to shut down scammers en masse rather than 1 small group of 50 to 500 people. I’m talking Larger amounts.

Given Next june I’m entitled to a payout of under $20k Which is most likely less due to my house purchase.

I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a central business rather than small groups and small forums that people in everyday life rarely come across. Let’s be honest this site doesn’t see the general public too much.

I’d be able to setup data centers, VoIP Software, Scanners, Crawlers, Programs, websites and other things to help scambaiters.

The Business will be more of an AIO so there’s a mix of old tools, new tools and custom tools. Might even have oncall devs for programming or website design.

I Figured if I ran a domain registrar, Data Center and Centralized community where we’d be able to provide statistics and help combat scammers in a larger sense. This would gain recognition and hopefully we’d have a larger influx of people willing/wanting to help.

It’ll be a larger operation but combining a few groups into one large mass scale operation where we’d be able to registrar new domains, Provided VoIP messaging/calling, Proxies and VPNs as well as a forum and other features I’d think this would be an ultimate option for the greater good.

there’s downsides as we’d be painting ourselves as a large topic however, I’d believe there’s plenty of ways to get things done without risking security.

I Plan to make the business an All in One business so there’s not much of a need to outsource, Obviously I’d support smaller sites and wish people to share info here and on other forums.

I’m interested in hearing if anyone would be interested in having premade VMs, File Hosting, Wall of Shame, Info Gathering tools on site, Shodan and Censys integration, Crawlers, Fake ID/Face tools, AI Facial Recognition, Fake Bank Websites which are preconfigured, Premade Scam baiting VPS, Malware debugging tools/scanners, Fake programs, IP Grabbers and more. It’s a one stop shop for you to grab your stuff.


Interesting. A SIP trunk would be a nice thing to play with.

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Indeed it would be that’ll be added to my list of things that’ll be included thanks for the feedback.

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Add a group of really good lawyers to the shopping list. You are bound to be hunted by scam companies and potentially sued (and never overestimate your OPSEC.) Also prepare yourself to be watched 24/7 by the glowies as people aren’t supposed to upload a bunch of malware on a public server.

The problem with “scambaiting VPS” VMs is obvious. Sooner or later some idiot will decide it’s a good idea to buy narcoticcs / watch CSAM on them and then it will be your responsibility as the admin. I don’t even have to explain how come that a page to create fake IDs could be illegal, do I? Same deal with “Fake programs” aka Moancore.

Otherwise if you did so while not making it completely public to the scammers to easily assess and bypass it, (possibly behind a scammer.info login with a Trusted rank) it could work for you.

Your idea is great. I think it’ll work well.

Interesting response, Despite the VPS being used, it wouldn’t be state side obviously I’m looking at the issue of Having malware be used that will not be on western nation’s servers. Those who wish to use Malicious Software will be responsible for the legal actions they’ll face but these will be Hong Kong or Russian servers. As for CSAM, I Will dedicate some Blacklists and Maintain ultimate control over the server to prevent that, the renters wouldn’t be an Admin on the PC fully. They have UAC Permissions still, but wouldn’t be allowed to access Tor or anything that would tempt them to visit the site.

As for Opsec, I’m a former black hat… I Know my shit.

As for fake IDs: These wouldn’t be obvious government issued IDs these are more joking IDs that look real. Someone passed a Costco Membership card to a police officer in isreal and he thought it was “Real ID” This is more of a wider range of options.

Fake programs would be something that’s like a shell that a malicious program binds too but could also mean stuff that is ran locally to distract the scammers. Like Fake tree cmd on github.

But back to malware… If they break laws of their nation then they’ll be responcable for any damages occur.

I have good lawyer picks as well.

I’m really stoned right now so excuse my grammar and spelling it’s slow and i’m rocking and spinning while I type this it’s hard to concentrate/see out my red eyes.