I got scammed for $200, but I made him click an IP logger link

I got scammed on gumtree by a guy who sent me his passport and student ID in a picture, he was suppose to send me a phone in the mail but he ignored me once I paid him through PayID.

I have his IP, email and other information including his whatsapp phone number.

Get him back, he deserves everything he gets and he stole from the wrong person.

His email: [email protected]

His IP address:

Whatsapp ID: +61 404 232 374

Am I allowed to post pictures that he sent me of his passport? I don't know the rules for posting pictures so I left it out.
He will click links if you say "I have some interesting information", but he started using a VPN once I sent him his own IP address on gumtree.
I reported everything to scamwatch which is an Australian scam reporting site, I called my bank to do an investigation into the scammers ANZ australian bank account which is linked to his whatsapp phone number via PayID.
Anyone know what else I can do to try retrieving my money?
So far I've taken it as a win loose because I lost $200AUD but also got details about his bank accounts and IP address before he started using a proxy or VPN.
Any ideas what to do now?
Some help on what to do would be greatly appreciated, thanks

7 Complaints for 0404 232 374 in Australia 0404232374 might be related to this scam

@AussieScamBuster#162271 that’s him, I left the second comment so its logged for anyone else who runs into him. The only difference is the name on his passport ID and bank PayID was Chennamaneni Dinesh Kumar and his DOB is 03/01/1995.

So he’s using his middle and last name or he’s using a victims ID, I’m pretty sure its his own because everything leads back to Telangana India including his IP

@anonymous787#162252 Hey mate would love to be in assistance to get our funds back, any chance I could get those photos off you potentially? I have raised it with the cops and they seem interested, long shot but anything helps?


Omg I got scammed by him last week too. I reported to SCAMwatch and his university and my bank. But I don’t think it is working, cuz my amount was $185. I am pissed tho, he has to pay!

Since he is not in Australia anymore, my guess is at least let the University and his schoolmates know what he is up to.