I got plenty of scam emails

I won’t be able to list them all, but I can give you detailed descriptions of them.

[First spam email]

This email is a Kohls prize winning scam. It gives details for a location that doesn’t even have a kohls within five miles from it. It’s an opt-out “option”. The location given is 826 Expressway Lane, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. The location is a strip mall with a pediatrics building, a salon, Karate dojo, and phys therapy building all together.

[Second Spam Email]

The second spam email is an Ace Hardware Prize winning scam with the same opt-out mail-in location as the first one.

[Third Spam Email]

The Third Spam Email is a CLEARLY OBVIOUS HOW-COULD-YOU-MISS-IT scam. It’s a lottery winnings scam. This email allegidlly claims to have $6.7 BILLION waiting for me. The opt-out mail-in location is a Flea Market. 2 Depot Plaza, Ste 402, Bedford Hills, NY 10507.

[Fourth Spam Email]

Ya boi got a McAfee scam email. Not much here as its a “your subscription MAY have expired” message.

[Fifth Spam Email]

This one is a Costco Prize winning scam. This one has two addresses on it that has nothing to do with costco. The first one is in a strip mall in Texas. 9901 Brodie Lane Ste 160 Austin, TX 78748. The next one being the opt-out mail-in location 6101 Long Prairie Rd,Ste 744 #511, Flower Mound, TX, 75028. Another Strip Mall.

(That’s all of them i have going on rn.)

If you want me to provide additional information about these, please feel free to dm me. I can forward you the emails if you so desire.


You can forward scam emails to [email protected] : )


Yes more info on McAfee and prize winning scams. Please include the phone numbers.

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Awesome, I didn’t know there was an email to collect these. A pal gets a bunch every day. told him to forward them here instead.


i am receiving the exact same scam emails you listed. everyday i will have at least 10. they are all
from some version of a “[email protected]” email address. another variation of the same email will be cc’d in each one. i block the sender and address cc’d on every email, everyday. i have no idea how to stop this!

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