I found a tech support scammer

I found the following number in youtube saying “norton tech support” and i searched the number on google and i found many many scammer websites.

Number: +1-888-524-8675

Do you have the original site? Also, I’d recommend adding the ‘Tech Support Scam’ tag and the ‘Phone Number’ tag for organizational purposes.

@furkan#6291 You say you found it on YouTube. Very odd…


Maybe it was a scambait video. @1337mathster#6295

@FuelDaFlame#6297 The style of English and weird story make me suspect that the account belongs to a scammer.

Nah it’s just your upbringing.

@ParodyGordon#6305 Enough with the assumptions and your constant attempts to put people down. @1337mathster#6302 I agree, but as it would seem they are Turkish, and have a legitimate job (if we are to believe Facebook).

It’s also his only post and he hasn’t been back on since. Maybe he is trying to take down competition. @1337mathster#6302 @R34P3R#6332

@FuelDaFlame#6335 Who’s post?

@Jnteamed#6338 OP

^ @Jnteamed#6338

@ParodyGordon#6305 I don’t care if you are a jerk to me in your own threads or a jerk to me in my own but don’t take it to other people’s threads and be a jerk to everyone, it is rude and disrespectful to the OP, Thunder and every other user on this site.

Honestly sick of seeing this site turn into shitposts about someones opinions, that’s not what we’re here for and I’m going to start banning repeat offenders, as we have several. Strikes seem to have no affect, and neither does attempting to have a real conversation.

@R34P3R#6348 It’s sad that people have to funpost on a scambaiting site.

On-topic: the phone number 1-888-524-8675 is spammed on high authority domains and they offer fake support for Windows, Email, Pogo and Outlook.

So it is a universal tech support scam? @memes#6356 I’m going to say that my wii has been acting up.

@R34P3R#6332 right

My english is bad and i’m not a scammer.