I don't know who needs to use this but eh its kinda cool

Let’s say hypothetically you have a that you want a scammer to click on
This link looks extremely suspicious i.e. suslink.com
Well I have a solution for you
Use Instagram, I’ll explain
Instagram has a redirection system
Like so
Here’s my solution

l.instagram.com/?u=(suslink encoded) &e=ATN5Ob3RgFd9cT748yy0Y_ReILYZmcWf4l7YAP0wJuUNct7d7zdVoQzgpFuZbTSnfKD16hMcmccV4WRw7xO90M7I0L9ftRzf4403Cw&s=1

EDIT:A draw back is that it has to be an instagram approved link, so you can use youtube links etc


www.archive.is is also a good tool for viewing a site “indirectly”, so to speak.


this is if you want to redirect someone to a site

Ohhhh haha my bad.

That’s really just an open redirection, common to find it in many sites. Easily identifiable in parameters. Alternatively, there’s a built-in feature to most browsers that accept a @ to redirect. So it would look something like below, to be rendered as somedomain.tld:

https://[email protected]
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thank you imma rickroll heaps of people now

Unlimited power

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Thank you


Let’s hope scammers don’t use Firefox to visit those links, because this happens…
Screenshot from 2021-08-13 16-02-14

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Yeah true