I cannot see the scammers cursor move around on my screen?

I use Virtual Box, and when the scammer connects to my screen, i cannot see the cursor move around on the screen. When I watch YouTube videos on scambaiting, I see the scammers mouse move. Anyone else have this problem, and does anyone know how to fix it?

@Nuwn#2998 bump for hope

I don’t get their mouse on my screen either lol.

I face the same issue too. All i see is the pointer flicker a bit. So I have to lie when they ask me if I see it move.

Lying to innocent people makes me sad.

@1337mathster#3015 do you use virtualbox?

@Nuwn#3053 yes.

I’m using hyper-v manager, I see the cursor move every call

I use virtualbox and I see the cursor move every time.

@Afootpluto#3064 thats weird, idk what to do.