I Can Make Custom Programs

Just tell me what program do you wan’t i will make it

You can look at my projects.


Make a fake my faster pc program. Myfasterpc.Com (Rouge pc optimizer)

@RamanRoy#20693 I will be doing it tomorrow because i am working on a game for stranger thinngs

So get ready tomorrow :slight_smile:


Is there any chance you can do a free call flooder? I’ve wanted one for ages :frowning:

@Flinty94#20710 :o fun fun fun fun fun

You on kazoo
Yes good idea.

@RamanRoy#20693 what do you wan’t the fake program to do ? it will be just the same

@TUOBCAN#20740 the my faster pc says that there are a tons of issues. Just make it funny to use on scammers. Like after the scan is done make it say no issues found! Scammers detected!

@TUOBCAN#20692 Looks cool, what languages can you code in?

@RamanRoy#20743 lol ok i will do it

@iCy#20744 Icy i use the languages that is gonna be better in the project i am making. i know almost all of the languages :smiley:

@RamanRoy#20743 is this the program ??

image my-faster-pc-1png.png![image my-faster-pc-1png.png](replace/assets/files/2018-01-19/03:33:540-my-faster-pc-1png.png)

@TUOBCAN#20747 yep

Desktop stripper?

@RamanRoy#20748 Should i do all the tabs ? or only scan tab

@TUOBCAN#20751 eh, just the scan tab

@RamanRoy#20752 done :smiley: if you want anything else in the program just tell me

Zip: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pyssliudhy89ng8/My%20Faster%20PC%20Fake.zip

@RamanRoy#20752 did you like it

@iCy#20744 do you wan’t any programs ?

Hey can you make a program for fake antivirus which after a scan tell there are lots of problems and also maximises and minimisies consicutevly in intervals