I am scam

Scammer’s Number:+918861426333 WhatsApp
Domains Used:https://in.pingpongx.com/
Extra Info:PingPong Global Solutions Inc. this company scam my money around 314 usd
dont trust this company
chinese scammer

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Now it’s PingPong Payment Solutions

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Indian scammers. Fake International payment.
Domain registered in China

Welcome rakeshroy041!

i have used their services and they are not scammers.

@nepster Can you explain more

Welcome back nepster! However this information seems to contradict many others, can you ellaborate?

Hey Welcome Its Been A while
but your post
can you explain?

i m sharing my experience with them and they did not hold any money.
now why this is happening with others there can be many reasons.

might be they are suspicious about the payments coming in.
so please clarify the issue and they ask for proof like screenshot of store
and products you are selling through store. please provide them and they will update payment in bank.
if no thn they send the payment back to same source from which they are receiving payments.
as i said i did not loose even a single penny with them.

they provide payment solutions if you have e commerce store.
like Payoneer.
and i have received many payments.
and not even a single penny i lost.

Whois info:
Check it on whois.c*m because you can’t post who is links here

It looks like he’s from china.

He’s hosting/domain registrant:
Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Try reporting him/her to them

@HereIronman7746 wdym? you can post whois links here…

Np it’s sayin’ i can’t