I am looking for a group of scambaiters

Hej everyone! I am curentlly looking for a group of scambaiters to co-operate with, does anyone want to join me? Before you message me, please make sure that you have experience in some kind of scambaiting topic (flooding numbers or reversing connections (you get my point)
I personally know how to reverse connections and spread my access to the whole network of the centre.
If interested, please msg my skype ID live:.cid.bbebaf2a060e6d73

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I am not a computer aficionado, but I have a little call flooder, plenty of time and a bad attitude, if that helps


ok, this is ok.


I fish #s and I find the scammers
does that count?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yep. you can msg me on Skype


I am down. i need a call flooder. I work in cybersecurity.

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Welcome :smile:

I dont have skpe … Tho …

Welcome to the community @dannydanhammer :tada:

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Do you have Discord?

So I have a cybersecurity discord
it’s all people interested in cybersecurity
focuses on being small group

Yes-Scam Investigator#1756

discord-Scam Investigator#1756

Welcome to the community, @dannydanhammer !

Can I join? I can get callback numbers, pull ips and such.

Regardless, add me on discord! Jimothy#3023!

Welcome to the community!