Hyper-V Manager TOLL-FREE

This just decided to pop up on my Linux for no reason at all… Bait them guys, bait them real good…

Warning: Hyper-V Manager !!!

An error occured while attempting to change the state of the virtual machine savtstfc01.

'savtstfc01' failed to start.
Emulated IDE Controller (Instance ID {83F8638B-8DCA-4152-9ED-2CA8B33039B4}): Failed to power on with error 'General access denied error

IDE/ATAPI: Could not attach "E:/Virtual savtstfc01.vhd' to location 0/0 of IDE Controller. Error: 'General access denied error'

The file 'E:/Virtualsavtstfc01.vhd' does not have the required security settings. Error: 'general access denied error'


Call help desk


Customer service: REMOVED (TOLL-FREE)


Your Hard Disk May Have Corrupt! Please do not try to fix manually, It May Crash Your Data!

Consequently, we are performing additional security checks to verify system security.
************IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUIRED*************


Virus Info:
[Some crap about Trojans that I CBA to copy]

P.S I had to type that all up by myself - Add an option to attach photos! (I'm on my phone if that matters). I don't know the link.

@CoolDude#270 You can attach photos on Mobile and Desktop.

@CoolDude#270 I called that number and it’s a home person’s phone number. Please revise this or they will be hit with fake calls and it’s a homemaker. You did a typo!

Number doesn’t even work.


@raytech70#285 Well IDK what happened then. This is the exact number as in a scam pop-up.