Hxxp://microserve.club/ | +1-800-811-1930


Screen: http://i.imgur.com/OpG9sOd.png




These guys are dumb typing the same commands in CMD and Syskey. Getting same results. Looking through my history trying to see if it’s a VM. How many times do you have to type in tree before you realize you’re just gonna get ASCII art of a tree. Now he tried to format my HDD.

TollFreeForwarding.com - The number you have dialed has been disabled.”

This guy just scammed my grandpa. He was trying to get his computer fixed today and this fake Tech support scam was running him for $300.

What can I do to expose these guys?

The number is 1800-811-0306, an Indian woman named Himanshi answered and said they can fix the problem no matter what. they sent an email: "[email protected]"

@carlz1985#9776 Please post this in a new thread.

Says number has been disabled.

@carlz1985#9776 i think they cant hear right or they just dont understand english