Hulu + Fubo tv (844) 958-4050

Scam Number: (844) 958-4050
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:


i shouted like ten times hulu they responded hello can you hear me madachod

Holy hell!!! The guy got so triggered I was actually concerned for his well-being. I haven’t heard a scammer get that angry, or scream that loud in a long time. :rofl::rofl:


844-958-4050 Austin answered, Tuesday 9-20-22 2:25PM EST

sorry i take all the blame lol


he listened to the whole your mother song i wrote him


Bwahaha :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::sob: That’s fantastic!!! You’ve inspired me to grab my Martin and serenade some scammers!!
Awesome job! You’re a far better lyricist than Leonard Cohen ever was.

lol ill take that as a compliment lol

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John Wayne ain’t taking any crap from these guys.

great work man.
very emotaoinal song i was in tears lol

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awe thanks it will be on spotify soon lol jk

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ngl bro you have a nice voice should take singing as a career can i use this song against them lol?

Its not quite done yet im recoding a scammer album lol

New number on their website tel:18445260003