Huge Scam

This is a huge scam company. A user on Scammer.Info named @hotmailsupportaustralia has a link in their bio to it. The company is PCPatchers.

** Info: **
Phone Number(s):
* 1800-830-823 (AU)
1-844-330-5537 (US)
* (US)
* (AU)
* [email protected]

** Scam List: **
• Printer Support Scam
• AntiVirus Support Scam
• Brand Based Computer Support Scam
• Mac Support Scam
• Microsoft Support Scam
• Email Recovery Scam

** How I Know it is a Scam: **
I googled 'pcpatchers scam' and found stories from people who were scammed by the company.

** Note to Scammer.Info Staff: This company was already posted in a thread but that thread didn't get much attention and contained a list of other scams. This thread is only about the PCPatchers scam. The thread that was already posted only contained the Norton Support scam, not all of them like this thread. **

Just apply for a job.

What? @HumorousCharles#6353

Appears that the owner of this number has forwarded it to a legitimate company. Can anyone verify this on their end?

I can’t right now but it did come in a scam email. @iChutya#6365

What was the legitimate company? @iChutya#6365

@FuelDaFlame#6367 The greeting message says “welcome to ICTUSA”, a quick google search shows that it is a legitimate company:

Scammers are now advertisers.@iChutya#6369

@FuelDaFlame#6370 I wish scammers advertised :slight_smile:

They spoof their emails to @Jnteamed#6389