Https:// - +1-888-357-5222 - +1-888-357-5222 - +44 800 368 8933

Proof they scam -

Loads more info on them soon

Number is still up and working :slight_smile:

They should be up today they 24/7 baby.

Their textnow # from >> 7 complaints & reviews | SCAMGUARD™: 316-202-3260

@Zachinquarantine_#190368 They don’t use textnow at the moment btw. I have tons of info on these guys and know how their scam works, what software they use and the likes. >> 7 complaints & reviews | SCAMGUARD™


"A “representative’ contacted me with the info that I was due a refund from the $300 I had given them. He alleged a mistake in the refund process and asked me to click the “computer takeover” button they had installed so he could effect the refund. He then cleaned out all my passwords and user IDs before I got wise and turned off my computer.”

Hoarding them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:hit 4 or 5 … they have different hold music hit 0 repeats message do it to much technical error try later … Not answering now

@Draco#190415 They are back haha

@ReconScammers#190427 hoarding hit 4 says u made WRONG selection :laughing:… Have change #

@Draco#190435 I am getting through when pressing 4 haha

I am now call flooding “5222” ---- Thanks!

Number is up haha enjoy yourselves have some fun, mess with em.

They hang up … Can push 4 or 5

@Draco#190553 They definitely been getting way more scambait calls then their use too. They know what scambaiting is too and even called my friend out on it plus I have give them some information on them that has definitely scared them, cant wait to finish what I have been writing up and then posting it here to expose these scammers.

Ok Changed number called back has recording push 4 or 5 bit no music then hangs up :joy:they musta got flooded all is SSA scammers have NO SSA scammers to hoard so we are waiting in the wings for new victims … Their is A LOT of us :joy::smiley:

@Draco#190556 Change your number I am getting music now on 4 but not 5, must of put it back. Calls are silent though.

Added their UK number you can try that if you want. I cant get through on TextNow but it let me call because its toll free.

Rings in dial changed number … Then it hangs

they called me this morning


@drwat#190607 Seems like their still active, was it a callback or was it a cold call?