Someone has went rogue and is calling our company even more than last week. This is after you all determined us to be a legitimate company. May I ask, why do your guys use racial slurs?

@btowns9007#8523 Idk man I only bait tech support scammers.

@btowns9007#8523 Someone might still have the misinformation that your company is a scam. I don’t use racial slurs myself, but some others might because it is known that most scammers are Indian and this leads to them using slurs that are racist to these people.


@btowns9007#8523 Your number has been removed. Someone may have saved your number elsewhere.

@iChutya#8530 Well a racial slur towards a person of Indian decent is still a racial slur. However, nigger and nigger bitch, and bitch nigga have nothing to do with Indians, and this is the language that my employees are subject to. I, being a black man, have the unique ability of insulting someone without using racial slurs. It seems, this is the only way certain people know how to display anger or displeasure, which is unfortunate. It really displays the character of the people you associate with on this site, which is a reflection of you all. If integrity of business practices is what you seek, shouldn’t integrity be displayed from the messenger? Are these people any better than the scammers? Crimes such as scamming are a symptom of a much larger problem. Socio-economic disparity motivates people to steal. Lack of educational resources drive people to steal. Slated interviewing and hiring practices due to racial bias actually raise crime. It actually contributes to the scam. It increases the problem that you are fighting. I hear your guys telling people to get a REAL job. That’s privilege talking. The opportunity of a REAL job for minorities and the poor, it’s out there, but it’s bleak. Using racial slurs is only contributing to the hatred and disrespect of other races and then adding fuel to the fire.

@btowns9007#8542 This is a free to use site. Anybody can see the numbers put up here. Anybody. We figured out your company is legit and we removed the thread. We can not control those who wish to still call you.

@btowns9007#8542 Now, you can’t just say that everyone in this community uses racial slurs when doing calls - because that’s simply not true.

@iChutya#8544 I said certain people. I did not say everyone on the site. I did say that they are making you all look bad and misrepresenting what you are trying to do.

@1337mathster#8543 Right, but you guys posted my company information on the site and then upon further review, determined that we were legitimate. That’s backwards! After that, it’s too late. Like you said, people have saved our number by then.

@btowns9007#8546 If you are concerned about privacy, why did you post your web address as the title of this discussion?

@myjackcity#8550 My privacy was already compromised. I was actually inquiring as to why I am still getting calls, and was curious about the use of racial slurs. The post was not about privacy at all.

Apologies, but we can’t really do anything about people calling on their own. They don’t sound like the type that care whether or not your company is real.

You could change your number and your domain.

@FuelDaFlame#8652 That’s not a good thing to say to someone…

@btowns9007#8523 Sadly we are not able to investigate the actions of members of the community. I would recommend that you add some sort of verification to your IVR menu, as this may deter some calls.

Why not @thunder#8656. It is just a last resort.

@FuelDaFlame#8675 He responded that way because to put it lightly, you guys are responsible for putting my information out there, then do your research after the fact and determine us to not be a scam, and now we would have to come out of our pockets to change our phone system for damage this site has caused. So it wasn’t a tasteful suggestion.

@btowns9007#8681 Definitely wasn’t the best decision. But it is not my, or other staffs responsibility to moderate peoples actions outside of this website. I removed the post, and that’s all I, or any staff, can do.

@R34P3R#8691 Hey guys, thanks for taking down the post. I was hoping that my point of waiting to research a company before you post their information would be understood, but personal accountability is rare. You’re right, it’s not your responsibility, you aren’t responsible for what people do with the information gathered from your site, I’m wrong for suggesting a little integrity in the process, and you guys are doing a valiant and heroic thing. The nerve of me to question residual inconveniences and any short or long term damage this may have caused. Who do I think I am?