Https:// tel:1800954487 tel:1800954487

I was going to pit them all one thread but I think this way this website comes up in searches.

Scammers won't stop spamming us. No legit company makes up screen names and spams small forums.

![image apple-scampng.png](upload://4mpFz9wvMt2sM6rvFmqcsskGjAr.png)![image apple-scampng.png](upload://4mpFz9wvMt2sM6rvFmqcsskGjAr.png)

Wait what ? a number is missing from the phone number.

I dont know whats up with this

The website show for that search but I cant get the last number.

@cvxcv#71878 It’s an Australian number. +61 1800954487 I tried calling but they have their phone turned off or the number has been disconnected. I will try later.