How to Trigger a fake "Technical Support" agent in 5 Easy Steps

There are many ways you can trigger a so-called Technical Support agent. This is just one way…

Step 1) Find a number and make the phone call
Step 2) If by any chance the individual that picks up the call is Indian (most are) avoid racial slurs. Most likely the individual will just hang up the call.
Step 3) Instead of immediately yelling or pretending to be angry with them, waste their time and pretend you have an actual problem.
Step 4) After a good amount of time has gone by, the thing I like to do it start inventing problems that don't really happen to the computer or laptop. For instance, a fellow scambaiter and I decided to tell the Indian phone operator that the sky juice was leaking from our PC computer. He in return told us that, that would be an expensive fix.
Step 5) step 5 is what I like to call the "Big Reveal". Let the "Agent" know that you are on to the fact that it is a scam and that is where you can implement in some yelling if you would like.

The end result will most likely be a triggered Indian man/woman yelling at you for wasting their time and energy on a problem that you invented while making accusations that they are scammers and such.

Hope you enjoyed!

  • - Barbra
  • My trick is after like 10 minutes of not knowing how to use google chrome to download teamviewer say “OH NO THERE IS ANOTHER POPUP, IT SAYS NOT TO TRUST INDIAN SCAMMERS”

    I get the best reactions everry time

    Exemple: “Indians scammer? Fuck you motherfucker [and goes on for around 1 minute]”