How to set up your very own fake bank website, right on your own machine

For anyone curious I finally got it working! I was still getting errors after the new update, but I fixed it by downloading XAMPP 8.2.12 (PHP 8.2.12), and it even works on mobile!!

The best part is the newest XAMPP you don’t need to download any modules, and all you have to do is activate them in php.ini and it should all work. Hopefully this helps people out, so you can get to work!

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This is awesome, I would assume it took a lot of effort so thank you for your work.
A couple of questions. Does it still work?
And did you ever make the video version?
Regards The Irish ScamBaiter XOXO


How to the transcations table easily

Hey guys! If you are new to DSJAS Bank and want to populate the transactions table quickly and easily. I whipped together this quick video so you don’t have to handjam transactions it. Uses ChatGPT, phpMyAdmin, and Excel/notepad.

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Welcome to the community @X-Angel

I have hit an issue and i have this error, can someone help me out?

I have posted twice on the discord about this but still no response!