How to scambait with a real machine (not recommended, use at your own risk)

Hi and welcome to my guide on how to use a real machine for scambaiting. Make sure you use a machine that you don’t care about

  1. Windows ISOs

I recommend installing Windows 7 if you have an old machine with a 32-bit 2 core CPU
You can find the ISO here : Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Free Download (32/64-bit OS) - Page 2 of 2 - 2022 Softlay

If you have a 64-bit CPU with at least 4 cores, I recommend installing Windows 10
You can find the ISO here :

  1. Making your machine look like a personal machine

To make your machine like a personal machine you can use Ninite (

Just select a few programs you want to install then click on “Get Your Ninite” download the .exe and run it.
You can also set a wallpaper if you want

  1. VPN and location

To use a VPN you need to set up NAT in your Linux machine (it’s complicated so I don’t recommend)
You can also use proxies (If you want to make your own proxy you need to have a VPS and install squid, recommended)

To spoof your location you can use the “Location Guard” Google Chrome extension (Location Guard - Chrome Web Store)
You can find a tutorial on how to use it here : How To Use The Location Guard Chrome Extension - YouTube

  1. Fake bank

You can use bankboga (i recommend using my modified version : GitHub - TimothyM1/bankboga: 🤑 Fake bank website for wasting scammers' patience. Inspired by Kitboga.)
You can find a tutorial on how to install it here : [UPDATED VERSION] How to Make A Fake Bank Like Kitboga w/DNS Spoofing! - YouTube

  1. Restore points

Restore points are very important if a scammer locked your pc
You can find a tutorial on how to create a restore point here : How to.. Manually Create a System Restore Point - Windows 7 - YouTube

That’s all!

(Edit : Also don’t forget to remove drivers for your camera because scammers usually access your webcam)