How to ruin a scammer's Lifestyle, Day and Whole Career.

Now, I Do not recommend Everyone be as big of an A-Hole as I am, I Have extreme road rage, and (Of course for this reason, I chose Yes I chose not to drive). Now, You’re wondering why are we discussing cars and road rage? Let me give you a backstory in to my life of everlasting annoying every person who is just an A-Hole, There’s a certain Level, of being an Ethical A-Hole I want to achieve. Now for the meat and potatoes here:

Ever seen Call of Duty players rage so hard they rage quit after busting a $750, Monitor, a Wall, Glass desk, $125 Keyboard, $78 Mouse and causing over $1000+ in damages? Yes? Good if Not, YT Exist, Just look for Call of Duty Rage Compilation.

Now, let’s make scammers quit their job shall we? Good now i should say this does cause a lot of issues, and I do not take responsibility for your actions. All acts that are recreated, modified or what not are on you, I’m not your fall guy.

Let me give you my wonderful setup (I’m a bit richer then most, but make do with what you can).

  1. Big house with a dedicated room (with 1 Office/Studio Size room works nicely).

  2. Soundproofed room (that office sized room sounds good right now).

  3. Make it look like a recording room (Trust me, If your room like you record rap or 80s Metal good).

  4. Train Horn Attached to a remote switch outside your sound proofed room.

  5. Textnow, skype (800 numbers only) or other VoIP Clients

  6. Anydesk or Teamviewer (Trust me, They work to communicate with the scammer or press buttons).

  7. Phone, PC or other Internet connected device that allows you to connect to the RDP Session on the Scambaiting PC.

  8. Good Mic (I own an expensive one, used for ASMR trust me the more sensitive the better).

  9. Long List of Scammer Numbers

Now that my setup is known you most likely noticed this sounds like a Massive Ear Rape session, and you’d be correct.

They scream at eldery people a lot, Let these bastards Have an Ear full. Train horn blasting at 120 Db’s coming through an AMSR Mic is bad, Yes, this maybe illegal in some places. Again not responsible.

On a Budget? Don’t worry, There’s a solution for this: Hire a friend, Have a beer with that friend in the middle of nowhere. Put your phone on your hood or their hood and lay on the horn. They’ll never call again.

Just for the Mods/Community. This is a shit/Joke post, Yes I’ve done this. No there’s no video (Yet), I doubt the scammers can cooperate with law enforcement to do damage to me.

Also, My grammar is bad, leave me alone I don’t care. I know it pisses you off or creeps you out, I don’t care It’s funny.

Have fun and Happy Hunting, This is a funny joke. There’s no tags nor place to put this elsewhere so, I’d think General is fine. Mods if there’s a problem Move or contact me.