How to make scammers angry

For 2 years ive been calling them sweet IRS and Tech Support, and i learned how to make them angry

1.Try to be annoying (Talk random stuff non stop)

2.Laugh Loud a lot (They get mad and angry)

3.Say you’re reporting them to Interpol or the FBI.

4.Call them a rundi or madarchod

5.Tell them you’re calling them all day

6.Call from different numbers (Use FireRTC)

@AnonyMouse#11090 tell them they are in a vm

Expose their IP and location

I’ve actually found that describing what their mother and a donkey have done last night works well after s long conversation about paying them money. At times I offered to pay with bodily juices as well. They always decline. I don’t know why.

@KaiRan#11117 yeah indians get insulted rlly easily especially when u call them a bhenchod or insult them or their family. even light english insults can get them riled up easily. I come from a multicultural country so yeah i run into ppl who get triggered easily. Just say something like u scam so ur mother doesnt love u or something then they get rlly mad.

@Ryan#11093 How do you find their IP? I tried Wireshark but nothing showed up when I contacted it to my VM’s network.

@DemetriusXVII#11127 alright. Is the scammer using logmein123?

@DemetriusXVII#11127 only works with logmein and teamviewer. Citrix likes to be a cuck and jump around so if its gotoassist u are just seeing citrix’s ip

@DemetriusXVII#11127 Grabbing Scammer's IP and locating him+He has trouble spelling eventvwr! - YouTube

this is a video i made. its not rlly a tutorial but if u pay attention u might learn how to grab ip. Good luck!