How to make Bitcoin scammers rage (Kitboga style)

I’ve done this a couple of times, and it never fails to make them rage.

Find bitcoin scammers. I talk to the telegram ones, which you can find in the comments section of any bitcoin youtube video, but any similar scammer works

talk to them for an hour, the longer the better, as you’re priming them up, getting them more and more invested in your story. Hell, if you’re bored, ghost them for a couple of days sending them “hey” every other day.
If they question you, give them some bullshit excuse.
“I dropped my phone while I was skydiving, and had to get it repaired”

Give them large numbers, make them think they’re going to get $20k and they will get even more invested in you.

I already have accounts in a few of the major crypto exchanges, so faking screenshots is easy with inspect element. This is important, because screenshots are the only proof you can provide to the scammer so they know you aren’t lying…

To piss them off, there’s a multitude of things you can do, but they all fall in the same vein.

Make sure you “accidently” buy the wrong crypto. Pick a small shitcoin, or pick an alt-coin with bitcoin in the name They will panic a ton, and try to get you to convert it to bitcoin. Act like a complete idiot and even ignore what they’re saying. If they give you their bitcoin address, send the shitcoin to that address and fake a receipt. Make them really think they missed out on your $20k.

Another funny one, which works better while you’re calling them is to pretend to manually type out their crypto address. Make sure you make a drastic mistake at the beginning of the address such as bc2 instead of bc1, or type a character twice. The reason you’re putting it at the beginning is so it’s easier for the scammer to spot it out. While you’re typing it out, whisper each letter as you’re typing it out, and if they tell you to use copy and paste, or that you made a mistake, ignore them completely. Tell them you’re not good with computers, or you don’t know how to do that. Fake a receipt with the mistyped address, and they will freak out.

When you buy the bitcoin, and you go through the process of either converting the shitcoin you bought into bitcoin, or sending him the crypto, tell them someone just DMed you, and told you they would double your money if you sent it to them. As they tell you it’s a scam, reassure them that it isn’t a scam and you’re sure they’re legit. When you “send them the money,” give them a show, tell them they blocked and scammed you, and fake cry if you can.

This is based on my personal experience, and after using all three of those methods on the same scammer, telling him I’m going to invest more money every time he’s about to block me, I can tell you it’s hilarious, and makes them rage a ton.

With this long ramble coming to a close, I should mention that you should never reveal you’ve been messing with them, because, even if they start swearing at you, always make them feel like they missed out on that huge sum of money. If you tell them you’re a scambaiter, they will know that there was no money to begin with, and while it might be a little more fun, the mental tole of missing out on tens of thousands of dollars will impede on their ability to scam other people, and make scamming less fun and profitable for those involved in it.

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Better yet try and get RAT on them and then look for their wallet, see if you can refund victims their coins :slight_smile:

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What’s your strategy for SE’ing them? It’s pretty hard to get a good chance, but I did get one scammer when I told him I was using Mozilla Thunderbird, and he needed to install it to get access to my email.

Well currently I am not reeling them in … yet … Although when I was younger I messed around with RATs, even worked on programming my own before giving up (takes lots of work to make a good one) I more just played with them for educational purposes.

I figure though tricking them into thinking its a banking app, or a bitcoin wallet…

Or I heard one person suggest putting a bunch of photos, but amongst the photos (racy ones probably better) you put the binary file, but change icon to look like an image file icon, then set the extension to .png.exe for the Binary, and .png.png to all the actual images… That way with not “showing file extensions” it appears they are all ending in .png (the last extension, the actual one is hidden)

There are probably many many more ways, including if they for some reason get you connected to their desktop or you can convince them to let you connect, you can open a separate anydesk and connect for file transfer… Or just drag and drop from a folder into the anydesk desktop. Then double click the file as fast as you can. This is probably easiest.

I saw one person literally read out “dash dash dash dash dash dash dash dash dash” for the AweSun ID and then suggested to the scammer there is a box to enter an ID and password to connect… Implying that they could give the information for you to connect to them.

Alternatively, you could try adding the EXE to the startup programs folder (not sure if that would trigger it to run on subsequent start or not)

Enough hijacking someone else’s thread… Sorry OP :slight_smile:

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Hahahaha! Even one minute wasted is well worth it

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Wouldn’t recommend you go and tell and people to rat due the legality and the risk.

That is a huge power, can easily be misused, even on a scammer the amount of victims and people they contact.

Please don’t tell people to break the law, thank you. This is kept private by the baiters who actually do it for a reason. Not everyone needs to know how like do I need to know not really.