How to make a super stealthy scambait Virtual Machine

So I just recently started scambaiting thanks to Jim Browning and Kitboga for their very entertaining streams/videos.

I was looking for ways to hide the fact that I'm using a Virtual Machine and most tutorials don't really go in depth, most just cover the basics but some scammers will rarely check things that give away the fact you're on a Virtual Machine.

So I stumbled across this awesome guide and thought I'd share it here :)

If anyone has links to any other guides please share them here.

Also if anyone has any links to stuff like fake cmd, syskey, msconfig or any other things to troll the scammer with please share them here too as I would love to make the ultimate scambait VM :)

@Markiemm#30988 Thank you for this, just came across this earlier after posting this, thank you :slight_smile:

Can you make one and just send us an iso file so it is preconfigured. That would make it so much better for everyone.

Best Regards