How to know if a scammer is lying or not?

hey everyone, basically i called a number and played around with them, until i got this woman in the call, was messing around with her until i asked “why do you scam?”, she started telling me about the job’s timing, she said they pay her 10 dollars a month but then she replaced it with “9000 ruppees a month”, started talking about her father died, and talking about how she will leave the job and maybe move to the US. she said that it’s hard to find a job in India, and she actually gave me her WhatsApp number and her GMAIL. she mentioned that she didn’t want money and she just wanted a good job.

How do I know if she is trying to pull my leg or if she needs help?

That is a very interesting question. I do not think you should trust her, better safe than sorry. I am curious where this will go. You can continue to contact her but I think you should use a 10 minute email or something that cannot be traced to any information about yourself. What kind of help does she seem to ask for from you? Information about you could be worth money to her. She could also really want help. Contacting her anonymously to learn more is probably the best, and if she is a no good scammer than hey you can waste more of her time contacting her too.

She just says “she wants a job”, I contacted her with a throwaway gmail account and it seems like she didn’t reply back yet.

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90% of the time it’s just lies they tell you (and themselves) to justify their actions. Though it is true that the job situation is dire in India - Still doesn’t give them the right to scam others in such times.


Even if you make “friends” with some of them … Talk to them civil and get the low down on thier story refer help they could get
I would never trust. Make him give you info if it’s true and keep yourself secret … fake everything for you. and only hope the advice giving to the scammer will stick. That’s the best we as people can do from
so far away from them.

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