How to grab scammer's ip using wireshark?

I tried using wireshark today but there were so many different ips i didnt know which one to read. maybe one of you members of this website can help… thanks!

@heinekenprince#10752 I use GeoIP Country (HowToUseGeoIP), then added a display filter in Wireshark to only show the Indian IP addresses - after starting the capture, enter the following into the “Add a Display Filter” box and click the blue arrow:

`ip and == "India"`

@etnguyen03#10792 Thanks! BTW u shld go message thunder about ur rank coz u have a rep of over 100.

@etnguyen03#1079 I tried using GeoIP and the scammer was using logmein but i still couldnt find their ip. Any tips?

@etnguyen03#10792 OHH i figured out what was wrong, thanks so much for ur help!

@etnguyen03#10792 will this work if the scammer uses teamviewer or logmein only?

@heinekenprince#10821 Yes. If they use Logmein you need to go to instead of Teamviewer works fine.

He was talking about the packet sniffing @etnguyen03#10826

@FuelDaFlame#10828 whats that? Sorry im new to grabbing ips and such so i dont have a good understanding of it. Ive always wanted to rat a scammer and expose the scammers location.

@FuelDaFlame#10828 sorry sir can u explain to me how to sniff packets?

Wireshark is a GUI packet sniffer. When you look for a scammer’s IP on wireshark you are looking at packets.

Shows up in red for me, is it supposed to do so?

Screenshot by Lightshot


@CyanApple#84250 You typoed the </s>i<e> in </s>ip<e> - you typed </s>up<e>.

Can you get Wireshark on Mac?


does any desk work with this?